It may be cold outside, but Spring is upon us!

Spring 11 Logo

On Monday, a lot of us admins found an early Christmas present (or late Channukah one) in our in-box from Salesforce – the notification about the Spring ’11 Sandbox Preview. (Details here if you want to read up.)

And ‘sandbox’ really is the perfect word, but for the days & weeks following the availability of the new features, all of us super-fans will be playing away to our hearts’ content. Playing in a Sandbox environment is a great way to wrap your head around what’s going to be a value-add for your organization, and what bits are superfluous.

While my favorite part, the release notes, are still MIA (if you find them, share them please), you can get a sense of some things that are coming by taking a peek at the IdeaExchange. Some of the things I’m looking forward to are some minor tweaks to the Report Builder that will make adding filters easier, changes to Chatter that make the user experience a bit more similar to Facebook (notification count & a “Like” button) & an RSS feed for

You can expect a deep-dive into the new features once I get a chance to play!


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