Admin Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when we think about how we can do better in the upcoming year. While I haven’t yet com up with a list for my personal life, the list for my Salesforce life was much easier.

  1. Remember that end users aren’t admins, nor should I expect them to be. – I struggle with this one a lot. It is all too easy for me to forget that while I ‘get’ data & think that everything Salesforce is easy, most people are not like me. I need to be more patient with them & remember that if they were as good as I want them to be with Salesforce, then I wouldn’t have a job.
  2. Roll out Chatter & get people excited about it. – I have been wanting to do this one for a long time. Following the announcement of Chatter Free, there was a lot of buzz around rolling it out at my company. I think this could be a huge win for my company & for me personally, exposing such a large audience to Chatter & the Salesforce platform.
  3. Share what I’ve learned – I guess that I have already started on this resolution (although to be fair, I should have finished this current post before the new year). I’ve learned so much from my other virtual co-workers, that I have to start paying it forward & sharing my lessons learned over the past 5+ years.

As a Salesforce admin or end users, what are your Salesforce resolutions?

(PS – 237 days until Dreamforce ’11)


5 Responses to “Admin Resolutions”

  1. Point #1 is excellent and I think people who are admins and interact with Salesforce on a daily basis forget that a lot. It’s very easy to get frustrated on why people don’t ‘get it’, then its best to just take a step back and try to understand their perspective.

  2. Great resolutions! 1 is something that I learned a long time ago– finding the balance between educated users and educating yourself out of a job! Then again, it pays to be the one who likes to read the manuals and figure it all out. I want my users to be able to enjoy their experience but I have to realize I’m dealing with a particularly diverse group of tech-knowledge level users. I’ve got some who use Franklin planners still. The paper ones. Yes, they have blackberries.

    2- This is my secret mission this year. I will get to attend a meeting soon with a large group of my users and I’m going to preach it and sell Chatter. They’d work SO MUCH BETTER together or even in their teams if they would communicate. Plus it gets them into the system and no so scared of it.

    3- Me too. I’ve been hitting on Answers and Ideas a bit since the DF portal has slowed (*cry* I love the portal!) and even started my own blog- hope you don’t mind that I linked you! On the party bus back from Russian River, SteveMo and I were talking about the community and he talked about his start in IT. He appreciated the help that was given to him and I’d had a similar start myself. I’d had such a great experience so far in the community that I wanted to do more- hence the blog. 🙂 I’m still such a newbie when it comes to SFDC but I bring a lot of experience working with users and other apps to provide a different perspective on things.

    Let’s rock 2011!!!


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