Don’t like this job

Although I have been pondering several topics for this week’s post, the reactions that I got from last week’s post (along with some shake-ups with a few people) got me thinking about the job that we do. By definition, all of us Salesforce fanatics* love the product & the company. But that’s certainly not the same thing as loving our jobs.

Yes, I am sure that a lot of us like our jobs. They are comfortable & safe, and you could probably describe everything about them as ‘nice.’ I don’t think that’s good enough. I think to really be a rockstar Salesforce Admin, you have to LOVE your job. You can’t just like your co-workers, you need to be stimulated and motivated by the people around you. You can’t be satisfied with get the task done, your work needs to be inspired. We should all have pride in the stuff that we do, and be thrilled about doing it. When you get to that point of truly loving what you do, I think that’s when the creativity & enthusiasm explodes. That is when you have the motivation not just to do the work, but to blow people away with the work that you do.

And as we all know & have experienced, there are hundreds of recruiters out there trolling LinkedIn, Twitter and the blogosphere for Salesforce talent. If you aren’t in a place where you feel crazy passion about what you do, if you don’t absolutely love your job — what the hell are you waiting for? (Cue “Own It” – “It’s your moment, baby, claim it.
Go out and own it, go out an own it”)

* Separate thought – why are we missing a clever nickname like Twihards, Beliebers, Parrot Heads or Little Monsters? Someone more creative needs to come up with one. Thoughts? Forcenatics?


8 Responses to “Don’t like this job”

  1. I agree 100% and it is something I’ve got in my mind as well. I love where I work and the benefits are great, but unless some changes happen I’m starting to be interested in what opportunities are out there as a admin. I want to be able to do salesforce full time- hopefully things cooperate to make it happen here! I already dropped a hint that even in this market I’ve been contacted by recruiters (nothing worth biting for… yet).

  2. I couldn’t agree more. We spend so many hours at work life is too short not to have a job you love.

    When I talk to consultants at other Salesforce firms few of them tell me that really love there jobs and I wonder how it is that at CoreMatrix everyone seems to love their job.
    I have a great boss; the owners listen to feedback from the consultants and act on it; project teams really work as teams – PMs help with config when needed and volunteer to take on tasks if there is a change order while the developers and consultants agree the solution design and back each other up; our sales reps do not over-promise; we rarely work weekends; everyone that works here is super smart (much smarter than me); we learn from each other and we share new tricks.
    Then there’s the practical side – we travel as little as possible; you don’t reorganize your planned vacation around a new project; if you ask you’ll usually the piece of software you need to get the job done; expenses get paid every couple of weeks; everyone accommodates timezones so your workday really is just a workday.

    I could go on and on. But we are also hiring so you could find out for yourself.

  3. Holy Moly, you said a mouthful Sister! My goal is to have a sleek team of rabid fanatics. I want people who love to solve problems, find user suggestions to be exciting insights and springboards to “what’s next” for our organization. I love being surrounded by people who are puring over release notes and know the native tool like the back of their own hand. Folks who can flex the tool in the same way they can make at fist – at will and on demand. Thanks for the great post!

  4. Came across this article shortly after your blog was published.

    For people who don’t feel the passion, but are afraid, it may help.


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