Acquisition Engine!

Earlier this week, the internet was a buzz with the news that Salesforce had entered into an agreement to buy Radian6 – a “social media monitoring platform.”  But with all the flurry on that acquisition, I was shocked that there wasn’t more talk about how else Salesforce is extending their reach & expanding on what ‘cloud’ computing really means.

What I’m talking about is the quietly announced decision to start incorporating AccuWeather technology into every Salesforce instance. I’m predicting that this will be highlighted by real-time weather updates available right in your org (of course, this is a global setting – it’s either on of off for everyone), included with your current licensing (only if you are on Unlimited Edition), and of course a new Doppler-RADAR mascot debuting at Dreamforce!  There are even rumors of a joint venture with Totes-Isotoner for some slick all-cloudy-weather gear. I’m definitely keeping my ear to the ground on this one to see what develops!

Happy April Fools Day folks!

And for those of you counting – 150 days until Dreamforce11!


2 Comments to “Acquisition Engine!”

  1. Wow- I had heard they were going with WeatherBug! 😉

    150 days– and so much to do before then!!!

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