Let me blow your mind!

I knew the week that Dreamforce registration went live was going to be a crazy one, but I had no idea how crazy. A unexpected delay on one project threw me head first into another. It was a project & a team that I knew nothing about, and was I in for a surprise. This team was managing all their work with Outlook Tasks! Shocked doesn’t do it justice, and I can’t even begin to describe all the heavy lifting the team leader does to get work assigned. (Reminds me off way-back-when, where I was stuck manually assigning the leads coming in from web-to-lead – can you even imagine?) Half of this supervisor’s time was spent managing this inbox & assigning tasks. And just imagine if she wanted to take a vacation day!

This team wasn’t asking for much either. They wanted to be able to track & report on the work that they do. They wanted to be notified of an event of a certain type being created. And their “nice to have” was email notifications. I spent one day building them a custom object to track their work. I even wrote a trigger that would create a record when that event type was created, thereby eliminating another step in their process.

This was a fairly simple project on my end, but a really big win for this team. Literally hours of productivity daily! That’s huge! I think sometimes we as admins get wrapped up in fairly complex problems, and forget that there are some really easy projects out there that will dramatically effect the organization in a positive way.

Where do these opportunities exist in your organization? Hunt them down & go blow someone’s mind today!


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