The why and the what

With my recent media buzz (hold your applause), I’ve been panicked about what my next post should be. I have a ton of ideas in my queue, but none of them seemed to be the right piece to be next. It all got me thinking as to why I started blog & what I want my blog to be to the world. A clear vision for my blog means that the readers get it, and when the readers get it, they will return to read more.

My end game is to be a resource for all types of people on the Salesforce spectrum – from prospects who want a reason why, to veteran Admins looking to take baby steps into development work. I imagine a mix of tips & tricks, horror stories & lessons learned, and excitement about news & rumors surrounding Salesforce. My goal, as it probably is for most bloggers, is to remain relevant to the readers.

To that end – I’ve made some changes to my Contact page, opening it up to post requests/suggestions and guest posts volunteers, as well as feedback. Like I said, I have some posts queued up, but I want to make sure I stay true to what my readers are looking for.

Now I know this post isn’t very Salesforce-heavy, so I’d like to end with promoting the Cloudforce city tours. Salesforce has just announced several dates around the US leading up to Dreamforce in August. I highly recommend getting to one of these FREE half-day events, even if you are going to Dreamforce (and especially if you aren’t).

Cloudforce2011See you there!


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