Say what now?!


[lang-gwij] noun; a body of words and the systems for their use

One of the thing I struggled (and still struggle) with is all the new lingo that comes with the developer territory. It makes perfect sense that they referring to it as programming ‘language’ because that’s exactly what it is. There are new words, new rules & new syntax to learn. And poor old me, I’ve never been good with foreign languages.

I struggle with how best to share what I’ve learned, as I am still learning & am by no means an expert. I started to write up a cheat sheet for this post & realized it was more confusing than helpful. Then I came up with the idea of breaking it down even further than a cheat sheet, and making a series of posts dedicated to learning the lingo. Today I thought I start simple:

sObjects vs Objects

sObjects are what the Button-Click Admin thinks of when someone says objects in reference to Salesforce. They are all the standard & custom ‘things’ in Salesforce. To get a bit more technical, they are database constructs that store data.

Objects, on the other hand, are what people are talking about when they say ‘object-oriented programming.’ In contrast to sObjects, Objects are coding constructs. It get’s a bit hairy in that Objects can represent sObjects, but not the other way around. The best way I can describe it are the do-ers of the code work.

Stay tuned! In the following weeks, we’ll help you learn to talk the talk! You’ll be dev-speaking by Dreamforce! (Only 52 days to go…are you registered yet?)


6 Responses to “Say what now?!”

  1. Wow Becka…so very proud of you!!! You go girl with your techie lingo!!!

  2. Love this. Looking forward to the coming posts!!

  3. Great post, I am looking forward to the next one!


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