Dreamforce ’11 Debrief

What the difference a year makes (or not quite a year, as the case may be). The very first post on this blog was my Dreamforce Debrief last year, and now it’s time for me to do it all over again. To be honest, there was a ton to digest & I’m sure that there was plenty that I missed. With a conference of that size, there is no way to do and see everything. On top of that, there were tons of product announcements, and I’m going to cover those in a separate post (especially since a lot of it is coming in Winter ’12!!).

Cloud 9This year’s Dreamforce was all about Social, Mobile and Open. “Welcome to the Social Enterprise!” And yes, there are product offerings that play into this nicely, but for me, this year was more about direction than product. People and events, products and businesses — we’re all moving toward being more social, more mobile. We use Facebook & Twitter to communicate with brands, products and even celebrities that we like (or maybe even dislike). Now, more than even before, we are willing to share our opinions — Mark Zuckerberg got the whole world to “Like” things, which started the ball rolling on two-way engagement.

And now Marc Benioff and Salesforce have brought that conversation to the enterprise. The true message of Dreamforce was to get companies to understand that Twitter isn’t just a fad, and Facebook isn’t just for teenagers. Your customers are here & they are talking about you (and TO you), and be it good or bad, you better join the conversation.

To sum up Dreamforce ’11 in one word: ENGAGEMENT!


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