You know that I could use somebody…

Yesterday, Boston hosted the largest Salesforce user group ever! There were 426 registrants, and we packed the ballroom at the Seaport Hotel. In attendance, we had everyone from new Salesforce prospects, to C-level executives at some of the leading companies in the area. We had attendees coming from Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, North Carolina and even a surprise guest all the way from Salesforce HQ in San Francisco.

Boston User Group - credit to @knthornt

I’ve written about the user groups in the past, (and that post wasn’t a huge success). But I’m going to try it again, because I feel so strongly about what these groups offer to those who attend the meetings.

Of course there is the free breakfast and the potential to get some swag, but that’s not why I go. It’s that chance to network, to share some of the things I know, and to see innovative things that others are doing with the platform. I go to see the vendors, and explore new ways to expand functionality. I guess you could say that I go to teach, and to learn.

With over 140 groups worldwide, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be attending. And yes, not every group is as large or as organized as Boston. But it got that way because there are passionate people attending our meetings. What’s to stop you from doing the same?


5 Responses to “You know that I could use somebody…”

  1. As a user group leader and someone who is kind of totally over the top into this stuff, I think that hanging with other people who share my pain, my excitement, and my enthusiasm for what’s now and what’s next in this industry is tremendously satisfying. I also love having that opportunity to meet the fledgling admins and folks on the fence or who need help and supporting them with their questions.

    These meetings are a fun, free way to build chops, relationships, and learn. Kudos to the Boston User Group for “getting it” and as a result really reaping the benefit of #Community (which – it turns out – is SO much more than breakfast and swag)!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Every single time I attend a user group meeting, I gain something unexpected – whether its helping a new admin, learning about a new partner, being mistaken for a Salesforce employee or just connecting with new people. These groups provide a huge value & are truly the foundation of this community.

  2. It was a good mix of new things – from Zuora – to recent sessions/topics at DF 11 – it was helpful to hear things again for those of us who went and a TERRIFIC way to share with those who could not go.

    And then to wrap it up with the panel, Q & A and pure Community of people asking for help with their issues, stumbling blocks aand the audience and panel helping them solve it. It was LIVE Community – how “Kuhl” (sorry – couldn’t resist) with the queen of SFDC Community in attendance!

    Great job Becka and Adam – keep it up and let me know how I can help.


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