I’m a groupie!

I’m so fortunate to be a co-leader of the Boston User group – the biggest and (in my opinion) best one out there. And I know I’ve blogged about user groups in the past.  So maybe you feel as though you should go, but maybe you aren’t sure why. So here are my reasons for attending meetings as long as I have been.

  • Networking – The number one reason to go to you local user groups – the people! I’ve found the Salesforce community to be the most helpful one I’ve ever encountered. By attending a meeting, you might find someone who can help you fix a  troublesome validation rule, or give unbiased opinion on a partner product you are considering. Or maybe you can pay to forward & help another user with an issue they are having. It’s like the Salesforce Answers site, but live!
  • Product Information – With three releases a year, and release notes that frequently are 100+ pages, it can be hard to stay on top of all the Salesforce platform can do. At the user group meetings, you will often have someone (maybe even a Salesforce employee) presenting on the most recent release or newest features (or if you’re lucky, a preview of an upcoming release).
  • Answers – Some what of a combination of the previous two points, but at a user group meeting, you’ll have the chance to ask a live person any questions you may have and (hopefully) get an answer. And sometimes, hearing the questions that other users have can help you to rethink about how your company is using Salesforce.
  • Free Goodies – And if all those reasons don’t convince you, you can often get some free Salesforce or partner swag at the user group meetings. At the Boston User Group, we even raffle off a Dreamforce pass or two every year.

These were my reasons for attending long before I became a co-leader, and are the reasons that I’m so thrilled to help run a group myself. What do you get out of the User Group meetings that you attend?


2 Comments to “I’m a groupie!”

  1. You and me both, Becka! I’m a groupie because I learn so much from attending my groups. I learn about cool solutions other folks came up with that invariably I’ll be able to put to good use in the very near future. Because I am also a co-leader of a user group (CORElando, Florida!), I have to stay really, really up to date on all the new bells, whistles, and release gotchas that would be meaningful to me and to my fellow User Group members. I enjoy talking about the Cloud and the Cloud horizon, so the Community is the perfect place to do that. In fact, one of the very best things about the Community is that it keeps me on my toes and looking for ways to give and gain value. That means I’m engaged in a very active way. Which is exactly the thing that makes me tick. Before I knew about the User Group and expanded Salesforce.com Community, I had all this energy but nowhere to focus it (without appearing – you know – nerdy). What a relief it was to find out that there were SO many others at least as into this stuff as I am. Good friends, GREAT solutions, and a reason to stay on my toes. It’s a triple WIN. Thanks for the post!

    • Jen – I love your enthusiasm for the user groups. While currently we are both user group leaders, I think you & I were both super-fans as attendees too. They offer everyone a chance to indulge their inner Salesforce nerd.

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