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November 9, 2012

Moving ahead

With last week’s post being such a hit (thank you to everyone who shared), I struggled to choose which of my on-deck posts would be the appropriate follow-up to a call for more volunteerism. Nothing felt right. Now, I know that my posts don’t necessarily need to have a flow to them, but I like to get some consistency to what I write about.

And then I got to thinking about what’s going on with the world this week, and had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Post-election, what the United States needs to focus on is uniting and moving forward as one, and not focusing on our differences, but all the things we have in common. But what’s that got to do with Salesforce?

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November 2, 2012

Pay it forward

I’ve noticed that I tend to write a lot about the Community here on my blog. It was never intentional, but I think that it’s really telling in what using this product so rewarding. Even many of my more product-focus posts have been either suggestions from other Salesforce junkies, or were produced with their assistance. While this isn’t what I meant to start my post off this week, it is a nice segue…

At Dreamforce this year, I was lucky enough to present in two sessions that dealt with being a Salesforce admin and how to make that your career, not just your job. One of the questions I got in both sessions (and very glad that people asked), was about how to develop skills that you may not be using in your current role. For example, using service cloud if all your company cares about is SFA functionality.

While the Salesforce Workbooks are phenomenal resources and I recommend them to everyone, nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to something like Salesforce. So what do you do? Volunteer! It’s something that I do (and got a fancy press release one time), and is rewarding for both parties.

“But volunteering? How would I even find a place to volunteer?”

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