All I Want for Christmas…

With Christmas just days away (and Chanukah already come & gone), I would hope that you have all of your holiday shopping done – for your sake! But if perhaps that’s not the case, I put together my last minute shopping guide for all the Salesforce admins & developers in your life. And yes, there are lots of apps and tools out there that I would recommend, but this is a list of tangible things that you can wrap and put under the tree.

The Arc Customizable Notebook has been an obsession of mine since getting my first one back in early 2011. The linear progression of a traditional notebook never worked for me, because I am always working on multiple projects, and wanted to keep my notes for every project together. Not only does the Arc notebook allow you to move pages around, but there are so many ways to customize the content. I have converted countless coworkers to the Arc system, just by bringing this thing to meetings. The icing on the cake is that the paper is all high-quality and (with the right pen) is like butter to write on. Stationary nerd rejoice! (Found here.)

Along the same lines, I completely geeked out when I saw the Passion Planner on Kickstarter. I bought one immediately. I’m a planner and organizer by nature, so to have a tool that helps me to focus that, while also providing personal guidance throughout the year. While I can’t speak for this planner yet, I’m thrilled that it will be waiting for me under the tree this year. (Found here.)

If neither of those appeal to you, perhaps a bit more technology with your note-taking is what you need. If that’s the case, then Livescribe is the gift for you. Not simply a pen with a recording device, this is a whole new way to take minutes. Comprised of a ‘smart pen’ and Anoto digital paper, the Livescribe system will make sure you never miss another comment in requirements gathering sessions again. (Found here.)

And finally, the iPad Air is the must-have of the season for anyone, but especially your tech-savvy Salesforce nerd. This thing is lighter, faster & sexier than  ever. Obvious cool factor aside, the iPad is an efficiency and productivity win, especially for the admins & devs on the go. And that will only grow as Salesforce invests more into Salesforce1. Bonus factor – the newest Livescribe tools can be used with an iPad! (Found here.)

So there’s my list for 2013. Did I forget anything? What are you hoping to find under your tree on Christmas morning?


4 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas…”

  1. You forgot the most important item! A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime.


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