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January 10, 2011

Top Five of 2010

And while on popular new years topics, I thought a “Best Of” list was appropriate.  As Fergie sang in a song blaring as Dreamforce, this year’s event was “the best one yet.”  And while there were a lot of ‘best’ this year, I’ll focus on what I consider to be the best features release this year. (Disclaimer — obviously this list will be skewed by what my company uses & my skills as an Admin. By no means is am I downplaying other cool stuff, just my opinions.) So here goes…

5. Rich Text (Spring 10) – Very often, we want to call out specific things on a record. This was a simple & easy way to have rich text display on a page. We also use it on the user record to populate a personalized URL into everyone’s email signature!

4. Test Email Templates (Spring 10) – This one seemed like an obvious addition that had been missing for awhile that most of us admins had just found a work-around for (add internal users to your database & send the email to them). Having this is fantastic & being able to test from the template screen is a bonus!

3. Filter on lookup (Summer 10) – A huge win for both productivity & data quality!

2. Empty Chatter Emails (Winter 11) – For a tool that was touting productivity & reduced email clutter, the sending of empty Chatter emails was a huge turnoff. I think a lot of people were happy to see that they fixed this in the latest release.

1. Dashboard productivity (Summer 10) – Ok, I cheated a bit because I wrapped together the drag-and-drop, the grand totaling and the dynamic dashboards all into one. The drag-and-drop was the biggest win for me. Often getting tasked with building dashboards, the WYSIWYG interface was long overdue (now if only it was supported in Chrome). The ability to have totals on a table was a huge win. For too long, we had all been using the metric work-around, but that always ate up an extra element on the dashboard. Having it available to be included is awesome! As far as dynamic dashboards go – I haven’t implemented them yet, but I have a plethora of places I want to use this functionality. I wonder when we will get more than 3 of them.

What did I leave out that was a huge win for you?

December 13, 2010

Dreamforce Debrief


There is no other word I can use to describe my 5 days in San Francisco. Trying to fit the whole experience into a blog post is impossible, but I can definitely give my highlights.

  • Meeting my virtual co-workers – There is a group of about 15 Tweeps that I communicate with on a daily basis to discuss everything Salesforce (and some other nerd stuff). This was the first time I got to meet them all in real left, and it felt like a weird (but totally awesome) family reunion. They are all bright, engaged & fun individuals, and I’m lucky to call them my peers and friends.
  • Getting Props – Adding to the fact that I got to meet all these awesome people, a bunch of us were called out as ‘Super’ alums & got to help Tom Wong with his first timer orientation session. And on top of that, a small group of us were picked as Community MVPs. I tweet so much about Salesforce that someone thought it was useful! It also has pushed me to become even more active, hence this blog.
  • Benioff on his game – Every single year, this guy knocks it out of the park. While none of the announcements were huge game-changers for me, it’s always great to watch a dynamic presenter on point like that. Even as he struggled his way through an impromptu Stevie Wonder interview, he engaged the audience. Also, huge kudos for staying really close to on schedule this year. Not an easy feat!
  • The Dreamforce app – While connectivity was an issue, the mobile conference app was a big hit for me. Interactive maps, general & personalized schedules, direct links to help…come #df11, this will be fantastic!

I’m forcing myself to stop at four bullet points, because if I didn’t, I could ramble on for awhile. The conference definitely had a different feel for me this year, but all in a positive way. Tom & team hit it out of the park!

The real takeaway for me was exactly what Salesforce had in mind – Collabor8! Be it internally with Chatter,  externally with the Salesforce Community, or globally to help solve world issues…the message was clear: “We can do this together!”

Only 259 days until Dreamforce 11!

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