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November 2, 2012

Pay it forward

I’ve noticed that I tend to write a lot about the Community here on my blog. It was never intentional, but I think that it’s really telling in what using this product so rewarding. Even many of my more product-focus posts have been either suggestions from other Salesforce junkies, or were produced with their assistance. While this isn’t what I meant to start my post off this week, it is a nice segue…

At Dreamforce this year, I was lucky enough to present in two sessions that dealt with being a Salesforce admin and how to make that your career, not just your job. One of the questions I got in both sessions (and very glad that people asked), was about how to develop skills that you may not be using in your current role. For example, using service cloud if all your company cares about is SFA functionality.

While the Salesforce Workbooks are phenomenal resources and I recommend them to everyone, nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to something like Salesforce. So what do you do? Volunteer! It’s something that I do (and got a fancy press release one time), and is rewarding for both parties.

“But volunteering? How would I even find a place to volunteer?”

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October 5, 2012

Dreamforce Debrief

Two weeks later, and I feel like I’m finally back in a routine. That’s what Dreamforce does to me. The weeks leading up to it are filled with anticipation and excitement, and then afterwards, it takes me two weeks to digest and absorb everything that I learned. It’s a bit crazy if you think about it.

So what did I learn?

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August 17, 2012

Herding Cats

“Herding Cats for DF12”

This was the subject line of an email I recently received, and I couldn’t agree more. With a group of five attending (plus potentially a few more with keynote-only passes), the five sessions that I’m speaking in and obligations to meet up with people, there is a lot to coordinate for my Dreamforce trip this year. And I know that I’m not alone. So here are my Dreamforce 2012 tips to keep your sanity.

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August 13, 2012

Want to meet me?

Instead of trying to find me in a sea of 70,000 other Dreamforce attendees, the one sure-fire way to see me at Dreamforce is to come to one of my sessions. And now that the agenda builder is live, you can add my sessions to your schedule. Here’s where you can find me:

Five Admin Tips Every Developer Needs to Know

You are a master of Apex, and the users in your company love your Visualforce pages. You’re a developer at heart, you love it. Join us to learn five tips your admins are using to streamline how they work with the platform, and how you can make use of them too. | Tuesday at 2:30

How to be a Marketable Admin

The role of Salesforce Admin has really expanded over the years and a stellar admin is highly sought after.  What does it take to make sure you have what it takes to get that dreamjob?  This working session will help make sure you are putting your best foot forward in the Salesforce Admin world.  Team up with experts to tweak your resume, update your Linkedin profile, and snazz up your overall online persona so you are positioned the best way possible. | Wednesday at 12:15

Answers Live 

This is your chance to ask some of our expert users about tips, tricks, and best practices. Come with your toughest questions—leave with a smile on your face and the answers you wanted most. | Wednesday at 3:00

I’m an Admin – Get Me Out of Here

You’re an admin and you know it – clap your hands – but you’re ready to move onto the next rung in your career so where do you go next and how do you get there? Whether you’re thinking of consulting or wondering what else is out there come here advice and the pros & cons and highs & lows from a few people who’ve been there, done that and worn the washed-out t-shirt. | Thursday at 10:00

Too Many Chefs in your Admin Setup Kitchen?

A team of admins, developers, and consultants  all making changes to your salesforce org at the same time can be a nightmare.  Don’t let your setup soup be ruined by too many chefs.  Come learn tips to keep deployments from colliding and pitfalls to avoid when directing air traffic in the cloud. | Thursday at 11:30

With five different sessions, hopefully one of them will be something that interests you enough to come meet me & introduce yourself and a reader of the blog. I’m even planning some special goodies to give to my readers! See you in a month!

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