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February 21, 2014

Got time?

We’ve all seen the trend. There is a hunger for analytics, and it’s only growing day by day. One of my favorite things about Salesforce is that they help us all to stay on top of that demand, and provide that valuable data back to our constituents. (Don’t agree that Salesforce is committed to analytics? Check out all the goodness coming in Spring 14 & then we can talk.)


One of the requests I hear over and over, with companies I’ve work for & as questions that get raised in User Groups or the Answers Boards, is around time-stamping records. As recently as two weeks ago, I had someone ask about the best way to capture when a lead hits or passes a stage. This is a classic example, but the answer is the same for anything similar.

First, create your Date/Time field (or, if you only care about data-stamping, then a straight-up Date field will work). To help everyone understand when this field is, I would suggestion including ‘Timestamp’ in the name of the field & always add in some help text. (Alternatively, if these data points will only be used in aggregate, consider leaving it off the page layout altogether.)

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January 10, 2014

Small but Mighty


OK, so maybe a small group of citizens doesn’t apply here. But what about a small group of fields? Oh perhaps even just one simple field.

This is a field that I’ve added to many orgs that I’ve worked with, and shared with even more admins who have added it to theirs as well. It’s a field that several Salesforce MVPs have their own twist on. A field that when I tell folks about it, I get some pretty amazing reactions, especially for companies that have high-touch processes. And I can’t believe that it took me 4 years of working with Salesforce before I thought to make this field – and once you hear it, I bet that you will think that same thing.

So what’s the field? A time-zone formula field for Leads, Contacts and Accounts (and really, any other object you what to throw it on). Now you want the formula, right?

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June 28, 2013

What do you do?

As an ‘adult’ (in quotes, because I still don’t really feel all that grown-up), one of the questions that you inevitably get when meeting new people is “What do you do for work?”. As a Salesforce administrator/developer/business analyst, I’ve struggled to come up with an easy way to answer this question.  In fact, I can explain the jobs of pretty much everyone I know (including the guy who makes DC to DC converters), but I still struggle with my own. So what’s the perfect Salesforce admin elevator pitch?

Image via

Image via

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December 14, 2012

Let’s have a field day!

Earlier this week, my friend Garry was a guest blogger on Salesforce’s official blog. His post was about the five fields that every Salesforce instance should have. Garry’s post focused on some really great fields around customer metrics and selling opportunities. But it got me thinking – what are some of my favorite fields to create when I go in to a new org? I tend to think more about prospect profiling. Here are a few Account-level fields that are must-haves in my book.


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August 17, 2012

Herding Cats

“Herding Cats for DF12”

This was the subject line of an email I recently received, and I couldn’t agree more. With a group of five attending (plus potentially a few more with keynote-only passes), the five sessions that I’m speaking in and obligations to meet up with people, there is a lot to coordinate for my Dreamforce trip this year. And I know that I’m not alone. So here are my Dreamforce 2012 tips to keep your sanity.

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