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January 3, 2014

Let’s Get It Started

New year, new you!

At least, that’s how the saying goes. We often like to start a new year with a list of things we will do more, or less, or better. (I know that I have.) And while I can certainly think of many things I’d like to do better, I also just love the idea of a clean slate. And while every day is a new beginning, there is something special about a new year that gives us all a chance to start over.

I mentioned my Passion Planner before, and even though I’m less than a week into using it, I have become obsessed. Using it passion plannerhas really helped me to find my focus for the upcoming weeks and months. It is really helping me to train my focus in order to help me achieve the goals that I’ve laid out for the year. In our very digital world, this certainly is not the tool for everyone, but the idea behind it is. State your intentions, and then design a plan to work toward those goals.

One of the things that I love most about the Passion Planner is that it help you to organize both personal and professional goals. It allows me to plan out both my runs for the week, as well as meetings with co-workers to insure that we meet deadlines.

And yes, my Passion Planner is already filled with Salesforce goodies – reminders to take release exams (you have until February 28th to get Summer 13 done), dates for Dreamforce 2014, calls with Salesforce friends. And all of these are tasks on my plate to achieve my goals for 2014. It all boils down to something I heard a co-worker say at my very first job – “Plan your work & then work your plan.”

Have you picked your passions for 2014?

July 20, 2012

Hello…is it me you’re looking for?

Yowzah! It’s been two months since I’ve blogged. I have never gone that long without posting. Maybe a week here or there, but two months – unacceptable!

I have to say I’ve been pretty busy. Between a trip to Tahoe to ride 100 miles for cancer research, planning a Salesforce User Group meeting, having a friend come to town for a visit, a national holiday, prepping six sessions for Dreamforce – oh, and starting a new job & getting ready for their sales kickoff – yeah, the plate has been a bit full. Not that I’m complaining – the past few weeks have been great. Just that blogging isn’t the top of my list. (To be fair, I had 3 guest posts line up and all three flaked on me – you know who you are!)

So while this isn’t a content-rich post, I just want to say that I’m here, I’m still doing Salesforce stuff and there will be an honest to goodness real post next week. Thanks for sticking around & keeping me company!

February 18, 2011

Don’t like this job

Although I have been pondering several topics for this week’s post, the reactions that I got from last week’s post (along with some shake-ups with a few people) got me thinking about the job that we do. By definition, all of us Salesforce fanatics* love the product & the company. But that’s certainly not the same thing as loving our jobs.

Yes, I am sure that a lot of us like our jobs. They are comfortable & safe, and you could probably describe everything about them as ‘nice.’ I don’t think that’s good enough. I think to really be a rockstar Salesforce Admin, you have to LOVE your job. You can’t just like your co-workers, you need to be stimulated and motivated by the people around you. You can’t be satisfied with get the task done, your work needs to be inspired. We should all have pride in the stuff that we do, and be thrilled about doing it. When you get to that point of truly loving what you do, I think that’s when the creativity & enthusiasm explodes. That is when you have the motivation not just to do the work, but to blow people away with the work that you do.

And as we all know & have experienced, there are hundreds of recruiters out there trolling LinkedIn, Twitter and the blogosphere for Salesforce talent. If you aren’t in a place where you feel crazy passion about what you do, if you don’t absolutely love your job — what the hell are you waiting for? (Cue “Own It” – “It’s your moment, baby, claim it.
Go out and own it, go out an own it”)

* Separate thought – why are we missing a clever nickname like Twihards, Beliebers, Parrot Heads or Little Monsters? Someone more creative needs to come up with one. Thoughts? Forcenatics?

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